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Multi-branch internet wholesaler

MAXY is in a class of its own online wholesaler with a wide assortment, including various types of electronic products, gifts, computer accessories, interesting gadgets, electronics and household appliances, photographic equipment and many more. We stock up on goods from suppliers from the Far East - we mainly import products from China.

As a wholesaler offering chinese goods, we currently provide brick-and-mortar shops throughout Poland and Europe as well as online stores. Our goods are also sold by sellers on Allegro, E-bay or Amazon. We offer a variety of goods from China, we import inexpensive products that retailers can offer in their shops with affordable gadgets but also fine goods for home, garden or company.

Our enterprise imports a huge amount of goods to our warehouses in Poland so we can provide our clients with a short delivery time, which is not offered by other wholesalers with chinese products. They do not bring in to much goods at low prices to storehouses in Poland and they cannot offer clients such great prices as we do.
Our experience and a network of trade contacts with producers as well as direct import of products from foreign factories make our offer has a high value for money. We have a huge experience in importing goods from China and enjoy great recognition amongs buyers. Thanks to our online warehouse our clients have access to various types of products in one place without having to search for them in several stores. We provide our customers with the opportunity to use one of the best-stocked on-line warehouses, where they can buy interesting products at wholesale prices. 



We have been importing goods from China for several years, thanks to which, we can offer our clients a full range of services - in the case of importing the goods specifically for the client - we are looking for a manufacturer, negotiate the prices and deliver goods to the warehouse in just 2 or 3 months.
We strive to ensure that the goods from China we import are consistent with the current purchasing trends prevailing in our country. New products are implemented in our assortment after every delivery. To make it easier for customers to find interesting products, our website has been divided into the following categories: accessories for tablets, consoles and computers, home and garden, company, gadgets, games, instruments and accessories, KAMINER (i.e. vacuum cleaners for fireplaces, grills and stoves, and related accessories), automotive, multimedia, lighting, clothing, footwear and jewellery, sports and fitness, telephones and accessories, tourism and recreation, beauty, health, animals.
 Our website is divided into various categories, to facilitate the search for the products that our clients are interested in, and the tabs: news, bestsellers and specials.
Many articles described in details are available in every cathegory. After clicking on the specific product, its basic description, price, photos and information about availability is displayed. We have a very simple purchasing process and everything should go smoothly and quickly. To buy selected products, you need to add them to the cart and, at the end of your shopping, finalize the order.
Our website has a special system for comparing and observing selected products - we encourage you to use it. If you have any questions about the products we offer or the rules related to purchases, please contact us.

The goods from China we import will make your offer more attractive, and the prices will pleasantly surprise you.

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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